Thursday, April 9, 2009

Requirements & Workshops

All participants are required to be a part of Ravelry, so if you are not on there now, please go and sign up - if you are a heavy crafter you won't be sorry :)

The other requirement for this swap is that you MUST have a blog. The blog can be your regular blog, but you'll notice that most of the participants will create a character blog especially for HP type swaps.

Kit Should Not Go Over $30 and not under $15.

A Change of Pace

The following are a list of Workshops available for Summer Camp. These options will give you more leeway to add creative flare to your kits. Much of what goes in the kit will determine on how you interpret each workshop. Stitch markers and needles are NOT required. There are a few staples (musts) and they are listed below:

  1. For Summer camp a handmade bag is NOT required. But, the workshop that you send has to be neatly contained in either a bag or a decorative box.
  2. You must include yarn in the workshop and the yarn must be specifically for the workshop activity/craft.
  3. Each workshop must include the instructions to complete the workshop (a pattern).


The Herbology workshop is very simple. You will include either a knit or crochet pattern of something which includes a little lace work. It does not need to include laceweight yarn, but could be pattern and yarn for something such as the Foliage hat or the Lace Round Dishcloth. Crochet examples include the Queen Annes Lace Scarf and Doral Wristlets.

For the potions workshop you will send workshop items a little out of the norm for HSKS. You will send ingredients and items for your spoilee to make homemade solutions: sugar and salt scrubs, soap, candles, or you can send ingredients for a new non-alcoholic drink such as a Slytherin Slushie or Plimpie Punch. Come up with your own creation and make sure it's delicious!

Care of Magical Creatures
For this workshop we will have a little fun! Include a pattern for a knitted or crochet toy. Make sure to include any buttons or other accessories your spoilee will need to complete the workshop. You can go to the Knitting Central or Crochet Pattern Central for some great ideas.

Defense Against The Dark Arts
For this workshop, you can get a little creative on what defending against the dark arts means and you will send yarn and pattern for your spoilee to complete the a pattern such as the Dark Side Cowl or the crocheted Seduction scarf.

The workshop will be yarn and pattern for something such as the knitted Star Crossed Beret or the crocheted Star Scarf.

This workshop is where you can let you creative imagination run wild!! You must divine a pattern for a small project. You will come up with your own creation for this one, but it must be a small project, such as a hat, gloves, scarf, dishcloth or something of that size.

This workshop will be of the beaded category. Stitch markers, bracelet, necklace, row counters, or any other wearable jewelry or knit/crochet accessory that you can think of. Please remember that your workshop items must come to at least $15.

Ancient Runes
This workshop will be of the Fairisle variety. Again, a small project, but will include yarn and pattern for a Fairisle project.

This one will be a little tougher, but it must be something that is recycled and given new use - new life. It does not mean that you will send old yarn, but that you'll find something that was used has a hat, but once you felted it (by accident!) you've decided to use it as a coin caddy! This subject is definitely up for discussion, but has limitless possibilities.



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