Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I got so caught up in pestering my husband as to whether or not I get to go watch Half-Blood Prince in England, that I totally missed this yesterday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DRACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Potter-cake for all who swing by!!!

Angel's Needed

Doesn't Hermione look angelic here? I tried to find a picture of an angel that I liked, but settled for this one :)

This is the first call for angel kit items. Generally, every term one or two people are in need of an angel kit because their spoiler does not fulfill his or her duties. Unfortunate, I know, but sometimes these things just can't be helped.

Though, I have allowed for people to place ads on this site in order to help with postage and prizes the turn out has not been great. The ads you see to the right will only help to pay for postage. So, I would like to ask for anyone wanting to donate an item for the Angel/Prize stash, please email misswartbobble AT yahoo.com.

Angel kit/prize items will need to be mailed to me by July 31st.

Summer Camp Game Two is up!

The Picture is a Portkey to take you directly to

Game Two

of our Summer Camp Games!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Witch & Wizardly Wisecracks!!

WWW Begins Tonight!!
What is it?? Information to be posted on our Ravelry group in about 3 hours... as soon as my wee wizards are asleep!!

Cool Etsy Seller

So I really had to share this with everyone. I found this seller on Etsy who makes really cute small project knitting bags, totes, stitch markers, and row counters. I love them, they look so cute and reasonably priced!! Here is the link to the small project bags!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Headmistress Campfire!

Everyone is invited to the first Campfire of the summer! The staff and myself are hosting a campfire filled with good stories, fun, s'mores, and butterbeer! There are two campfire times available. Come to whichever one suits your schedule.

Tuesday, June 23rd

First Campfire

9 a.m. PST

11 a.m. CST

Noon EST

5 p.m. CET

Second Campfire

3 p.m. PST

5 p.m. CST

6 p.m. EST

11 p.m. CET

Great Lodge
(Do not use your Twitter ID to log in)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hi All I am so happy it is friday. I am trying to get settled into my cabin and figure out how to keep all the Pixie pests in line. They keep playing pranks on all of us. I am looking forward to summer camp and all the games!!!!!!


Don't leave camp without getting your HSKS Camp Gear! You'll notice that many of the items in the CafePress shop have camp spelled with a 'K.' That's because I was going to spell it that way, but kept forgetting when I'd made other images. So, consider it a collector edition when you see it spelled with a 'K' LOL

HSKS has a CafePress store and a Zazzle store. Both offer different things, so make sure that you stop by both because you never know what will catch your fancy!

Camp Calendar

There are a few things to note over the summer. Because we all like to be on the same page there exists and HSKS calendar.


July 6th - Okay to Send
We like to keep people chatting and building relationships. Many times after the package is sent people feel that they are finished with the swap and their partner. To nurture the relationships we make sure that swappers don't send their packages out too early. This date exists so that people sending to others oversees can get their packages out in plenty of time so that their packages make it to their destinations well before the swap ends. Only those sending internationally qualify for the Early Send Bonus points.

July 13 to Aug. 15th - Early Bonus Point Period
During this time, if your package is postmarked between these dates your cabin will receive 50 bonus points per package.

August 15th - Best Kit Deadline
In order to be eligible for the Best Kit contest you must have your package postmarked and Delivery Confirmation # turned in to your Cabin Counselor by Aug. 16th.

August 29th - Official End of Summer Camp
All packages must be sent at this time. All swappers who do not send by this date are in jeopardy of not being able to return for the Fall term.

Cornish Pixies CIT

I am pleased to annouce that Fleur Sweeting has taken on the responsibility of Counselor in Training for the Cornish Pixies. My cousin Thistle Lovegood is a Cornish Pixie this summer and I KNOW that Penelope of Flitwick is going to need ALLLLLL the help she can get!! Good luck Fleur! You're going to need it, believe me.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


There has been a little confusion concerning the workshops, so I thought that I would clarify.

Everyone was able to choose more than one work shop. This was so that their spoiler had a choice of which workshop they wanted to send to their spoilee.

Only ONE workshop is supposed to be sent. If money permits you may send two, but I don't want those who chose more than one workshop to EXPECT more than one workshop. Another good idea would be to use the remaining budget towards extras... fill in the kit with other goodies. Everyone appreciates receiving a well thought out kit.

I know that we tend to go above and beyond with HSKS, but I want those on the receiving end to, please not expect that if you chose 3 different workshop that your partner will be sending you all three. Only ONE workshop sent is the requirement.

The Choice Has Been Made

It seems that we've all become the victims of the befuddlement draught! It must have been in our Pumpkin Juice morning of last. It seems that Professor Warick is not who he appears to be. Though he is quite handsome, and his handsomeness alone could be a possible disarming charm, it appears that he fooled us all! With the vote between Professor Rayner and Professor Warick coming to an end it appears that we might have possibly been made fools of because the apparent choice in the majority for a new DADA is in fact none other than a more mature and a more seasoned Lucius Whitmarsh, who as our DADA during the winter term of last year!!!
Whitmarsh then:

Whitmarsh now:

Please wait for Wisteria to make formal introductions and then you can congratulate Whitmarsh on his . . . ah-hem - worthy assignment on her introductory post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Tie!

There is a tie between Professor Gawain Rayner (#2) and Professor Kembell Warick (#3) ! Please vote one more time for these handsome gentlemen.

Professor Kembell Warick (#3) - Having fought with the Order of the Phoenix against Voldermort's initial attacks, Professor Warick has a keen knowledge of the Dark Arts that will aid any and every student to excel in this class.

Professor Gawain Rayner (#2) - Gawain Rayner is a seasoned DADA instructor. Within the span of an hour's time Professor Rayner can impress upon the minds of all the students a desire to learn DADA even enough to eventually become Auror.

Best Kits Site

Have you visited the HSKS Best Kits website yet?

Information will be added daily on how to prepare and deliver your packages.

I want to know what you need to know so I can help you get your owls out and delivered smoothly.

Future blog posts will give you tips on:
  • Kit guidelines
  • Kit embellishment ideas
  • Owl delivery assistance
  • Photographic suggestions (Remember, we have end of term contest for the best kit!)
Also, please be sure to email me (Cassandra Crimsonchin, ashley dot cavell at gmail dot com) pics of your kits before sending them out for the end-of-term contest!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Posting on This Blog

Invitations have been sent out to all campers giving you the privilege to post on this blog. Though your main posting should be done on the Cabin blogs you are welcome to post teasers here for your spoilee, especially if they are not in your cabin. Keep in mind that this blog is one of the main sources of information from the administrative staff and that our posts must be seen by all.An example of allowable posts on this blog would be kit teasers, received kits, informational posts from Cabin Counselors and other administrative staff.

Questions should be directed through the rav board, email or PM's on Ravelry. They can also be asked in the comments section of each post. But questions should not BE a post, if you know what I mean.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Defense Against The Dark Arts

Need we say more? Those of you who have been around Hogwarts for a while know that the Defense Against the Dark Arts posts can never keep an instructor for more than a year. Well, every term we hire a new instructor. Our dear Wisty has . . . eh hem, shall we say, been given the task of orienting the new DADA instructors on their duties at the school. For summer we will do something a little different. Three instructors have applied for the job of Summer Camp DADA and I would like to have all the campers involved in deciding who our summer DADA will be.

Our first candidate is Caedmon McGooken. He has taught DADA at various other magic schools, but would come to us with only one year worth of experience. He, however, shows immense promise because of his uncharacteristic to teach his students dark arts in very interesting, and sometimes unethical ways.

Gawain Rayner is a seasoned DADA instructor. Within the span of an hour's time Professor Rayner can impress upon the minds of all the students a desire to learn DADA even enough to eventually become Auror.

Kembell Warick is last, but certainly not least. Having fought with the Order of the Phoenix against Voldermort's initial attacks, Professor Warick has a keen knowledge of the Dark Arts that will aid any and every student to excel in this class.

Impromptu Trivia: Who among you knows WHY the DADA post can not be occupied for more than a year?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome, Campers!

Hello, Campers!

As you all arrive and camp and get settled in, please take this time to get to know your other cabin mates. Your Cabin Counselors will be creating a Cabin blog, if they have not already. This will be a private blog that only myself, the Camp Directors, and your cabin mates will be able to read. You will use this blog to share your Workshop choices (you will choose from the list that your spoilee provides), share your progress, and get to know each other. This blog and your cabin blog will become your main source of information over the course of the summer.

A Few Things Of Note:

We have attempted to design summer camp to not be as intensive as the regular terms, but of course, in our excitement of all that is camp we have offered many opportunities to make participation fun and exciting. Every camper is required to post on their blogs weekly. Passes may be given to those on vacation, but we must be made aware of this in advance. Any camper who does not post over a 14-day period will be dropped from the swap. If no attempt at maintaining communication with your spoilee/spoiler or Cabin Counselors is made you will be blacklisted from this swap and not allowed to return. Though there will be several places for you to participate (your blog, the cabin blog, and rav) ONLY posts on your blog are counted for attendance.

Important Information Forthcoming
Over the next few days we will be highlighting information that all campers will need in order to ensure a successful and happy camp experience. Please be watching this blog and your cabin blogs for important information. If you have questions the easiest place to get your questions answered is on the rav board, but the camp staff is all just an email away. We appreciate your patience as we all get settled in.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Administrative staff of Camp HSKS.

Camp Director
Miss Winifred Wartbobble

Associate Camp Director
Miss Wisteria Lovegood

Assistant Camp Director
Miss Bevin Rae Mooney
Our creative staff consists of, all the Cabin Counselors, the Best Kit Counselor Cassandra Crimsonchin and the WWW (formerly RAOK) Counselor Bevin Rae Mooney. Without each one of these talented and dedicated people, Camp would not have been possible!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Time Has Come!!!

Please use this form to sign up for the swap. Sign ups are open until Friday, June 12th at midnight PST.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is It Time Yet???

It's almost time to sign up for camp! Are you ready?

When: June 8th through June 12th

Where: Here! There will be a portkey posted that will take you directly to the sign-up form.

Until that time make sure that you have your sleeping bags packed and don't forget your toothbrush!!!

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