Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome, Campers!

Hello, Campers!

As you all arrive and camp and get settled in, please take this time to get to know your other cabin mates. Your Cabin Counselors will be creating a Cabin blog, if they have not already. This will be a private blog that only myself, the Camp Directors, and your cabin mates will be able to read. You will use this blog to share your Workshop choices (you will choose from the list that your spoilee provides), share your progress, and get to know each other. This blog and your cabin blog will become your main source of information over the course of the summer.

A Few Things Of Note:

We have attempted to design summer camp to not be as intensive as the regular terms, but of course, in our excitement of all that is camp we have offered many opportunities to make participation fun and exciting. Every camper is required to post on their blogs weekly. Passes may be given to those on vacation, but we must be made aware of this in advance. Any camper who does not post over a 14-day period will be dropped from the swap. If no attempt at maintaining communication with your spoilee/spoiler or Cabin Counselors is made you will be blacklisted from this swap and not allowed to return. Though there will be several places for you to participate (your blog, the cabin blog, and rav) ONLY posts on your blog are counted for attendance.

Important Information Forthcoming
Over the next few days we will be highlighting information that all campers will need in order to ensure a successful and happy camp experience. Please be watching this blog and your cabin blogs for important information. If you have questions the easiest place to get your questions answered is on the rav board, but the camp staff is all just an email away. We appreciate your patience as we all get settled in.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Administrative staff of Camp HSKS.

Camp Director
Miss Winifred Wartbobble

Associate Camp Director
Miss Wisteria Lovegood

Assistant Camp Director
Miss Bevin Rae Mooney
Our creative staff consists of, all the Cabin Counselors, the Best Kit Counselor Cassandra Crimsonchin and the WWW (formerly RAOK) Counselor Bevin Rae Mooney. Without each one of these talented and dedicated people, Camp would not have been possible!



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