Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Package from Astrid

I got the most amazing Care of Magical Creatures package from Astrid yesterday! My girls were present, so the Cotton Candy Bubble gum and the Blood Pops did not last too long. The piece that amazed me most? The Student Planner! I had been at a meeting with a new principal and was wishing that I had a calendar to write down upcoming events as we discussed them. That same day I get the package with the exact thing that I needed! I put that to use today as I scheduled the first fundraiser of the year for my kid's school.

I also received the much, coveted by me, Gurumi Family kit from Knit Picks, a beautiful journal (can never have too many of those!), a harmony circular size 3, beautiful stitch markers, a cute little bag to put all the little essentials in, and an HP Snitch cloth in Huffle colors. Oh! And I can't forget the delicious tasting Twilight Sweethearts candies! I'm popping the last of those in my mouth as I type :) Thank you, Astrid, for a great summer care package!



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